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EdGate Technologies Pvt Ltd is a technology development company and training provider in embedded system design domain. We provide cost effective and innovative embedded system solutions to business, including both hardware design and software development, with expertise covering many processors (especially ARM microcontrollers) and real time operating systems.

EdGate provides high-performance ARM, DSP, FPGA processor boards and I/O modules in support of high performance, parallel processing applications in a variety of fields including Multimedia, Imaging, Networking, Industrial control and Military. We offer rapid, reliable software, firmware and hardware solutions for prototyping, business applications and the development environment.

EdGate has an extensive presence all over the country and well established connectivity within the academic and corporate communities.

We provide a whole range of services by leveraging its business expertise by strategic alliances with leading technology providers.

EdGate team has accumulated much experience in a variety of embedded engineering disciplines including:
- Embedded tools development
- Prototyping
- Embedded hardware/software design and integration

The experience enables us to fully meet the project requirements of our clients. We can cover the complete lifecycle from project definition, initial design and development through deployment.

Our services go hand in hand with our products. We focus on delivering leading services that will help our customers differentiate their products in the marketplace.

News & Events

EdGate Technologies Pvt Ltd announces its partnership with Intel

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The SenzeBand and Memorie is a unique invention with an absolute purpose of creating self-awareness towards mental health and cognitive development


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Edgate Technologies proudly announces the short-term courses on
. ARM Technology
. DSP Technology
. Mixed Signal Processor
. Analog Systems

Short-term on-campus programme
. Ultra low power design
. Real time systems design
. Wireless connectivity & Internet of Things
. Analog design
. DSP design