On-campus Training Programme

In order to facilitate the students and faculty with advanced training on embedded systems design, we organize various short term training programmes and workshops at the institute campuses across several engineering colleges in India. These training programme aims at strengthening the fundamental concepts as well as taking the participants to the next level of systems design. Featuring the latest development platforms from Texas Instruments, the sessions involve intensive hands-on labs and demonstrations of advanced concepts.

Two days programme
The two days workshops are designed to provide the participants with an in-depth introduction to different microcontrollers from Texas Instruments. This workshop is useful for beginners as well as experienced users for creating microcontroller based applications. The hands on workshop provides lab exercises that can be used to learn how to program the following tools:
• MSP430 LaunchPad
• ARM Cortex M4 Tiva C LaunchPad
• Internet of Things
A customized training to understand the analog design is also provided and is based on ASLK PRO kit. Modular training based on Texas Instruments DSP platforms is also provided.

Five days programme
The five days programme is a next level of training for participants who want to try their hands on different TI technologies. The workshop includes combination of different training platforms. It covers the architectural overview and peripheral programming concepts along with interfacing sensors, actuators and IO devices. The participants get more time to spend on analyzing the design rather than quickly following the procedure. After getting exposed to different development platforms, the participants are encouraged to integrate the platforms and get start with a new design. It’s an ideal training opportunity for students who wish to design their own final year projects and faculties who wish to train the students on TI technologies.


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